Whip Networks, Inc.
Primary, customer-facing website for displaying, searching, and sharing clips within the Whipclip system.
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Whipclip Video Player
Massive rework of the embeddable HTML5 video player that servers all of their videos on the Internet.
Enabled programmable playlist functionality.
Enabled inline-ads playback on Desktop, iOS, and Android.
Added context-aware page-wide pausing functionality.
Added event tracking for analytics.
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A focused live streaming video clipping service. Provided clip functionality before implemented their own.
Single-handedly handled all front-end, back-end, and DevOps tasks to launch the product.
Created a custom Google Chrome Extension for capturing HLS video segment urls.
Created entirely new microservices infrastructure for downloading, slicing, muxing, and storage of videos.
Launched customer-facing website to display and share created clips.
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Hone, Inc.

Events Platform
A custom event-tracking analytics platform.
Created custom JavaScript library for gathering events on the client.
Created HTTP REST API for ingesting events sent from clients.
Created custom decoupled microservice for storing events.
Created HTTP REST API for querying data to display aggregate and graphs.
JavaScript Go nsq PostgreSQL Docker AWS ECS RDS

GrowthGauge, Inc.
A search-indexing experiment for determining various search engine's ability to index client-side MVC website.
Tests several different MVC frameworks: angular.js, react.js, and backbone.js.
Tested various hosting methodologies.
Tested various mashing/compression methodologies.
Tested various sync methodologies.
HTML CSS JavaScript MVC angular.js react.js backbone.js Go PostgreSQL Docker AWS ECS RDS
A microservices infrastructure for gathering and querying analytics data
Queries Google Analytics at a regular interval to store analytics data.
Features REST API and Single Page Application for displaying data.
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Ranked ARAM
Gathers and displays a ranking for all players of League of Legends ARAM (All Random, All Middle) game mode.
Implemented custom ranking algorithm.
Created Update service that queries Riot's API rapidly and constantly to get as live as possible data on ARAM mode games -- hundreds of thousands of calls an hour.
Provided a REST API for returning ladder standings and summoner stats.
Created Single Page Application to display data to visitors.
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codeSpark, Inc.

Analytics Dashboard Project
Gather sales, conversion, metrics from numerous third-party APIs and aggregates them for display.
Accesses and stores sales data from the Apple iTunes Connect API, Google Play Store API, and BrainTree API.
Runs custom JQL queries against Mixpanel data, storing the data for historical aggregation.
Accesses private MongoDB collections for subscription and trial deltas.
Displays graphs on a dasboard via third-party Grow dashboard service.
Go PostgreSQL Mixpanel JQL MongoDB Docker AWS ECS RDS